Dr. Veikko Anttonen (FIN) – BTK, 2010. június 5.

Dr. Veikko Anttonen, a finnországi Turku-i Egyetem professzorának díszdoktori avatása a Debreceni Egyetemen 2010. június 5.


Veikko Anttonen was born in Nousiainen, Finland, in 1948. Having graduated from the University of Helsinki, he worked as an assistant at the departments of Comparative Religion, Folklore, and Sociology at the University of Helsinki and the University of Jyväskylä. He has been a research assistant for the Academy of Finland for a number of years. As of 1998, he has been full professor of comparative religion at the University of Turku. Apart from being the Vice-President of the European Association for the Study of Religion and the President of the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion, he is also editor-in-chief of TEMENOS, the leading periodical on the study of religion in Scandinavia.
Veikko Anttonen’s chief fields of research comprise the anthropology of religion and comparative religion. The most important focal points therein include the issues of the sacred, the “pyhä,” sacred places, sacred spaces, the concept of sacredness and its forms of manifestation. It has been in these areas that he has managed to complete outstanding achievements at the international level through his books, studies, and other scholarly publications.
For almost three decades, Professor Anttonen has been working in close and intensive co-operation with the University of Debrecen. He has been regularly involved in the undergraduate and doctoral programs of the Department of Ethnography and has been active in hosting international conferences and editing scholarly publications in co-operation with our university. As a result of his sincere and fruitful efforts, Veikko Anttonen was awarded the memorial medal Pro Ethnographia in 1997.

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