The University of Scholars

The University of Debrecen offers the widest disciplinary range of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs among Hungarian institutions of higher education and carries out high-quality basic and applied research and development activities. The academic qualifications of faculty members and researchers, and the great number of academicians and doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences guarantee the high professional standard of education and research.

More than 70% of instructors and researchers working at the university full-time have PhD degrees. The number of full professors and professor emeriti working in the institutions is 26. Every year on average 8-10 instructors are awarded the title Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and their number among full-time employees exceeds 120.

The talent management program (DETEP) of the University of Debrecen is the first such program in Hungary to receive the “Mentor Oscar” award and to have been accredited as an “excellent talent point” by the Hungarian Talent Support Association. The objective of the DETEP is to help students realize their full talents. As part of the program, we offer the kind of career model and opportunities for students which provide a safe environment in the future to help them fully develop their intellectual potential. The students’ scholarly circles, colleges for advanced studies, and self-study groups all work as part of a unified system. The system of talent management has been integrated with the doctoral programs and the university versions of secondary school talent management.

The number of our doctoral schools is now 24; future scholars are educated in six disciplines and 25 fields. Every year, close to 200 students receive a PhD degree, and our honorary doctors include prominent scholars from around the world. The university is an active member of the European University Association’s Council for Doctoral Education.

A dominant element of the research infrastructure is the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen (DEENK) which also functions as the second national library of the country and possesses about 5.5 million documents. Besides its traditional library functions, the library, which has been operating since 1918, is also an active participant in the scholarly and cultural life of the university. In accordance with the global trends of academic communication, it operates an open-access institutional repository (DE digital archives (DEA)). By signing the Berlin declaration, the University of Debrecen strives to ensure the maximum visibility and impact of academic output by operating a publication database and repository. Besides its tasks within the university, it also supports education, research, healing, and artistic work with its national and regional functions and wide international network of contacts.

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