Two Hundred Foreigners, Eager To Learn Hungarian
This year’s one-month summer course of Debrecen Summer School, where almost 200 students studied the Hungarian language and simultaneously immersed into Hungarian culture, is over. The participants came from as many as 37 different countries, and the largest contingent was from China this time.
The biological clock of cartilage cells is ticking
Novel cartilage cell research is underway at the University of Debrecen. It investigates the role of so-called „clock genes” in regulating cartilage tissue formation. The programme has won the Premium postdoctoral research support of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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23 Aug
14th Congress of the International Society for Experimental Microsurgery (ISEM)
21 Aug
Idén is megszervezi nyári Tudományos Táborát a Debreceni Egyetem Sántha Kálmán Szakkollégiuma.