Social Responsibility

The traditional functions and missions of universities focusing on teaching and research have been transformed and extended significantly recently. Due to the increasing number and diversity of those using the activities and services offered by the universities and the growing appreciation and value of knowledge in terms of competitiveness and social/business success, it has become necessary to extend the traditional core activities of higher education institutions.

The University of Debrecen, besides providing service to teaching, research, healing and prevention, and agriculture,  is devoted to strengthening ties with the social and business sphere, performing  cultural and sports duties, and providing information on scholarly affairs in line with the third mission of universities.

In addition to its duties as a higher education institution, our university plays an active role in industrial service development in the region by means of making its knowledge base available and being a driving force behind organization. Besides all these, as part of its third mission it has an influential role in culture and sports, well exemplified by the fact that the services, collaborations, and knowledge are all available not only for the university community but also for the residents of the city and the county (see, for example, the Campus Festival, Lovarda, Hall, Nagyerdei Water Tower, Botanic Garden, Sports Diagnostics, Lifestyle and Therapy Center, Science Café, Researcher’s Night)

It is also a priority for the university to expand its sports, physical education, and health education programs as the university sports events, sports facilities, and the community, sports, and recreational services encouraging regular exercise and physical activity mobilize not only the institution but also society in general.

Last update: 2021. 07. 28. 11:21