Business Partnerships

The university aims to play a central role in the economic and social development of the region in the field of innovation. This requires close cooperation and collaboration between the university, businesses, and the Municipality of Debrecen. During the last decade we have completed numerous significant research projects with our industrial partners. These brought such results that went beyond basic research and had significant economic potential as well. Building on the knowledge base of the university, new centers were established by Hungarian and international companies in Debrecen, using university infrastructure on the one hand, and the industrial park of the city on the other.

The University of Debrecen has an extensive and diverse relationship with external partners on all levels: university, faculty, and the (clinical and agricultural) centers. The faculties work together with numerous companies and businesses involved in research, innovation, production, and sales in order to improve the practical training of students.

It is at the heart of the University of Debrecen’s mission to make its knowledge base available for external partners as a service in order to achieve research-based economic development based on up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Last update: 2021. 07. 28. 11:21