Quality Assurance

Quality assurance system of the University of Debrecen

The objective of the development of the quality assurance system of the university is to

  • increase and maintain the standard and quality of education and training,
  • provide high-quality and successful research,
  • meet the social responsibilities of the University of Debrecen at a high standard,
  • improve the efficiency of operation,
  • increase of the satisfaction and fully meet the needs of the students, lecturers, researchers, university employees, the employers of the graduated students and the organisations, institutions and partners cooperating with the university.

Upon the establishment and operation of its quality assurance system, the University considers:

  • the stipulations of the effective Act on Higher Education,
  • the resolutions and guidelines of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee,
  • international guidelines for quality assurance, in particular the European standards for quality assurance in higher education, the “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area” adopted in Bergen in 2015 (hereinafter referred to as ESG).

The quality assurance system of the university can be established in multiple steps.

The improvement of the institutional quality-centred operation can be achieved along three targets:

  • The development of an organisational culture focusing on the permanent maintenance of the self-learning and self-development process, emphasising the high standard of working people and highlighting the importance of the value system in order to prioritise the stakeholders’ satisfaction. Achieving such a change of mindset could support the implementation of operational changes.
  • The improvement of quality assurance processes by using the organisational self-assessment model. The objective is to create a two-level organisational self-assessment system matching and connected to the requirements, which ensures the continuous assessment of the operation of the institution, providing an opportunity to define and improve areas of development.
  • The modernisation of operation through processes along the lines specified by the institution, including both the core and supporting activities.

The University specifies its quality assurance system based on the stipulations of the effective Act on Higher Education of Hungary, the criteria of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee, in consideration of the European standards of quality assurance in higher education. The administration of the university is committed to operating and developing the quality assurance system and plays an active role therein.

The objective of the management of the university with the development of the university’s quality assurance and quality verification system is to ensure that the university provides high-quality skills and knowledge for its students that can be used in the Hungarian and international labour market, which can be developed on.

The quality assurance system of the university, in consideration of the tasks specified in the Deed of Foundation, is a conscious and organized activity involving the university as a whole, which serves the realisation of the objectives specified in the quality policy of the university and which primarily focuses on satisfying the needs of direct and indirect partners, especially that of the students in general (irrespective of their financing and training form), the employers, clients of research and other services, and the international and Hungarian professional and academic communities.


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