Dormitories of the University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen currently has 4,800 beds in its various dormitories, with 922 of these available in one of Hungary’s most modern student residence halls, the Campus Hotel. An additional 1,700 places have been renovated in the last five years and 600 can be found in buildings built within the last 10 years. In 2015 we could provide accommodation for 89% of students who applied for student housing in one of the dormitories. This is an outstanding percentage in Hungary. All of the dorms provide the required basic services and amenities: there is a fridge for each room, at least two or three study rooms per building, a kitchen on each floor with an oven and microwave, laundry room with washing machines, ironing room, as well as community rooms, club rooms, and TV rooms. Due to recent development projects, Internet access is provided in all rooms within the dorm buildings of the University of Debrecen.

The dormitory fees to be paid by the students are determined by the university’s Senate for each academic year. The rates depend on the amenities offered and the level of comfort (number of beds in a room, whether there is a bathroom for the room or not, when the building was renovated), and they vary from building to building. In the case of students in state-funded programs the rate varies between 12,000 and 35,000 HUF/month, while fee-paying students have to pay the dormitory normative as well (11,650 HUF/month in 2015) besides the fee paid by state-funded students.


Students are admitted to all dormitories of the university by the University Dormitory Board based on the same admission regulations and with the involvement of the representatives of the Students’ Union.  The regulations for student payments and benefits specify for each dorm the proportion of rooms that have to be divided among first year, senior, and PhD students and also the percentage of beds that has to be given to students based on performance and based on social and financial background. The applications are evaluated based on a scoring system specified in the regulations. The basis for admission to the dormitory is either the average of academic performance (scholarship index) of the preceding two semesters (with possible additional points given for outstanding scholarly, professional, public, or sports achievements), or social and financial needs, the evaluation of which, along with the necessary documents, is the same as in the case of welfare grants. First year students are admitted only based on their social conditions and needs.

The most important criteria for the evaluation of eligibility based on social needs:

  • family structure – the number of providers and dependents in a household and whether the providers have a full or reduced salary (unemployed, retired, etc.)
  • income – per capita annual income in a family
  • distance – the distance of  permanent residence from the place of education
  • health status – severe illness of the providers, the applicant or the applicant’s siblings

The deadlines related to the admission procedures are set by the University Dormitory Admissions and Social Committee. This is also the body that approves the admission decisions of the dormitory committee. Appeals or requests for equitability may be submitted related to its decisions; the final decision is made by the Appeals Committee of Student Affairs in the case of an appeal, while in the case of requests for equitability by the Student Relations and Services Center. The deadline for submitting dormitory admission applications is at the beginning of June in the case of non-first year students, and in the first half of August in the case of students newly admitted to the university. The applications for the regular welfare scholarships can be submitted on the same form as the dormitory or student hostel admission application. The application forms can be filled in only online.

Office of the Student Relations and Services Center for student social affairs and dormitory admissions

University Dormitory Board

Since 2014 the University Dormitory Board has been responsible for the operation of the dormitories in collaboration with the Office of the Chancellor. The particular dormitory buildings fall under the responsibility of dormitory teachers and caretakers.

  • Address: 4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.,Lajos Kossuth Dormitory III. Ground floor
  • Phone: +36 52 512 700 / 73027, 73028, +36 52 512 940

Dormitories of the University of Debrecen

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