Sports Services

The university, as an integral part of the city, is dedicated to establishing such a cultural and sports environment by extending and strengthening the connections and points of contact between members of the university community and residents of the city which could be attractive for the business sphere and the people and thus could help the region in retaining its population and could have a positive effect on economic actors and investors. Besides program-based collaboration projects, the university and the city are looking for ways to cooperate in the field of healthy lifestyle and sports as well, including the joint development and operation of infrastructure and services, too. With the implementation of the following programs the university improves and broadens the prominent positions of the region in sports, increases the number of students participating in recreational sports activities and the time spent on doing sports, emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, and sports life at the university becomes a demand.

  • Development of sports-related lifestyle and health services for students
  • Strengthening of sports-related medical training
  • Integrated operation and coordination of physical education and recreational sports services and their conditions
  • Starting of a PE teacher training program
  • Development of university competitive sports and related services
  • Development and encouraging of recreational sports
  • Strengthening and broadening of contacts with associations
  • Providing sports scholarships
  • Supporting the management of the sports system
  • Medical and natural science research supporting professional sports and mass sports
Last update: 2021. 07. 28. 11:21