Mission Statement of the University of Debrecen

As an institution of excellence of the higher education in Hungary, in the spirit of the Magna Charta of the European universities, the University of Debrecen contributes to the development of the universal science and the Hungarian society by the highest level, multifaceted and multidisciplinary training, research and development. This mission is performed jointly by the lecturers, employees and students, by committed to quality and by cooperating with Hungarian and international partners. As a result of this:

  • the University of Debrecen can be characterised as an internationally renowned institution of education, scientific research and development in the field of medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences, humanities, health sciences, legal sciences, economic sciences, technical sciences, pedagogy, social sciences, natural sciences and music;
  • by aiming efficiency, flexibility, the increase of responsiveness, dynamic development and the rationalisation of management, it becomes a more and more determining intellectual centre of Eastern Hungary, with a close connection of the surrounding regions of the neighbouring countries;
  • by considering the international processes and the compliance with social demands, it intends to release higher and higher-qualified professionals by the extension of the higher-level vocational training, the elaboration and performance of the programmes of the multi-cycle training (bachelor, master, PhD), by the diversity of postgraduate trainings, continuous further education and the utilisation of distant education, with a view to the lifelong learning;
  • as a research university and the central institution of the regional corporate innovation network, it is one of the key actors of economic development as well, therefore, it facilitates the cooperation of the private sector, the business life, the local government and the central government in the field of regional and transboundary education, research and development programmes.

The University of Debrecen is able to prominently serve Hungary and the Hungarian citizens primarily based on its mission statement, by preserving its diversity, unity and systematic activity in every education level, from the pre-school education until the adult training. In addition to serving the education, research, curative and preventive activity and agriculture, the institution is committed to reinforce its relationships with the social and economic sector and as the third mission of higher education, to perform its cultural and sports tasks.

Last update: 2022. 02. 15. 13:24