Neptun is the unified electronic study system of the University of Debrecen, which is responsible for the study and financial administration of students, the teaching and educational organization tasks, and the provision of data reports to internal and external organisations. The study system currently has about 35,000 active users. The university maintains an electronic student log in the system. Neptun records all information relating to students' studies and their expenditure and payments. Documents and certificates related to the student's studies are produced from the system. Neptun is also an important tool for electronic administration and application management.

Neptun manages the curriculum of the trainings launched by the institution, the characteristics of the subjects, the announced courses, exams, timetable information and instructor data. Based on the stored data, complex reports, analyses and data reports are prepared. Neptun is one of the most important basic systems of the management information system of the University of Debrecen and has interfaces to several other IT systems of the university.

Authority data on students and teachers are also provided from the study system.

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