University Industrial Park

The Industrial Park of the University of Debrecen is currently the only university industrial park in the country where besides research and development, consultancy, and service activities the practical side of teaching can also be presented; moreover, it provides an opportunity for the establishment of an innovation platform of international significance.

Our university is devoted to developing active links and partnerships between higher education and the business sector, thus it strives to implement such solutions in the Industrial Park of the University of Debrecen that could provide a model and a solution for the challenges of innovation and management as well as local economic development.

With the innovation-focused development of the innovation/industrial park managed by the University of Debrecen and the concentration of university and company investments on this site an opportunity is provided for the development of production processes and products close to industrial production (prototypes).

The objective of the University of Debrecen is to implement such development projects in the Industrial Park which could support its innovation efforts and technology transfer, traditional business incubation and the personal incubation of students (providing a solution for the practical employment of practice-intensive higher education programs). With the foundation of the Innovation Center, our goal is to establish a bridge and system between the teaching and research site and the business sphere, which could help the collaborations flourish, the testing of RDI ideas, the investigation of the practical applicability of new research findings, and the introduction of young scholars into the practical aspects of their work.

During the development of the industrial park managed by the university we aim to provide incentives for such businesses involved in R&D, who are also clients of the university in the field of research, besides playing a role in economic development, and who are present as investors and funders for university spin-off and startup companies.

Last update: 2021. 07. 28. 11:21