The University of Debrecen has established strategic partnerships with numerous companies for innovation and collaboration in various projects. These include, among others, Richter Gedeon Nyrt., Sejtterápia [Cell Therapy Center] Kft., TEVA Zrt., Tranzit-Food Poultry Processing and Food Industry Kft., the Delta Group, IT-Services Hungary Kft, KITE Zrt., Master Good Group, National Instruments Hungary Kft., Tranzit-Ker Zrt., the MÁV Group, MOL Petrolkémia Zrt., GANZ Engineering és Energetikai Gépgyártó Kft., GE Hungary Kft., and the “Ruszatom – International Network” for the development of the international regional network for the nuclear energy industrial complex. In the strategic agreements concluded with these companies, objectives include collaboration in teaching and research tailored to the needs of the businesses and making the practical training of students more effective.

Initiatives launched together with the city of Debrecen represent a priority for the university along with the establishment of incentives for investors. The university and the city work closely together on their projects planned for the 2014–2020 EU budget period, so that they would strengthen one another in the areas of economic development, research and development, and education. The university is devoted to meeting the needs of businesses for a workforce with up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Our university concluded a cooperation agreement in health sciences and the development of sports as a related field with the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the BOM Foundation for Hungarian Sport.

We also signed cooperation agreements with numerous authorities of outstanding strategic role in Hungary, including the National Security Service, the Information Bureau, the Hungarian Defense Forces Augmentation and Central Registry Command, the National Information Infrastructure Development Program, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, the Central Statistical Office, and the Military National Security Service.  We work together with the National Transport Authority in the development and launching of the professional pilot bachelor’s program.

The University of Debrecen also strives to help members of the university community in their everyday life and provide recreational and sports facilities. Thus to realize these objectives the university has its own, strong background with such nonprofit organizations as the Debreceni Campus Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft., Debreceni Universitas Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft., Debreceni Lovasakadémia Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft., DEAC Sport Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. Among other reasons, we concluded various cooperation agreements for this purpose with OTP Bank Nyrt., Főnix Rendezvényszervező Nonprofit Kft., Nagyerdei Gyógyfürdő Kft., and Divinus Hotel Zrt.

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