The University of Debrecen is a pioneer in Hungarian cluster organization and one of those universities among higher education institutions that plays the largest role in the establishment and operation of clusters. The objective of the institution is to make technology transfer more effective which, in turn, can contribute to economic development in the region.

In the last eight to ten years five clusters were organized around the University of Debrecen, all of which are accredited clusters, two having international accreditation as well. The clusters operate in the pharmaceutical industry, thermal know-how and tourism, food industry, sports, informatics, and instrument development.

Through the clusters hundreds of companies and market players are in touch with the university and we have concluded more than a thousand contracts for the purposes of providing practical training for our students. The practical use and application of research findings is a priority for the university along with the establishment and successful management of partnerships and organizations for the facilitation of innovation processes in the region. These clusters, due to the collaboration of their management organizations and members, have realized such an increase in volume that in the foreseeable future an inter-cluster cooperation can also be established.

It is an exceptionally progressive feature of the clusters around the University of Debrecen that they created a network of national significance from key sectors and in this respect they are unique among Hungarian clusters as they integrate the industry development efforts of financially strong medium-sized and large enterprises, innovative university “spin-off’ and “start-up” companies, chambers, local governments, and universities.

Last update: 2024. 06. 25. 09:56