Department of Pulmonology

The Department of Pulmonology helps pulmonary and pulmonary oncology patients in need of care on 108 active beds and we provide pulmonary rehabilitation care on 15 beds. We operate an outpatient clinic in the fields of pulmonology, oncology, rehabilitation, allergology, and sarcoidosis. Physicians with multiple qualifying exams meet patients at the specialized clinics on every workday.

In the Bronchoscopy Laboratory of our department we treat both inpatients and outpatients. At the same time, we perform examinations in other departments, intensive care units, and operation rooms as part of consultation. Examinations are available based on appointment and with urgent care if necessary.

Bronchoscopy can be used both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Diagnostic bronchoscopy practically means different sampling processes in the case of certain diseases; in this process we take cytological, histological, and bacteriological samples from the respiratory tract and the lungs. Non-visible abnormalities in the bronchial system can be approached with X-ray screening or with transthoracic needle biopsy.

In the case of therapeutic bronchoscopy, we try to provide an endoscopic solution for certain diseases, including the rigid bronchoscopic dilatation of airway stenosis, laser treatment of tumors causing airway stenosis, and the removal of foreign bodies in the airway.

Our allergology clinic provides diagnosis and modern treatments for respiratory diseases, such as allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, extrinsic allergic alveolitis, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, and bee and wasp stings allergy.

Once a week it treats cystic fibrosis patients over eighteen years of age.

The outpatient clinic also diagnoses, treats, and provides care for sarcoidosis, interstitial lung disease (fibrosis), and if needed selects and prepares patients for lung transplantation.

Last update: 2021. 08. 18. 10:05