Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

The department has been providing inpatient and outpatient services for close to ninety years in the region. Today it provides treatment for patients in modern and well-equipped outpatient clinics and comfortable hospital rooms (with a bathroom, fridge, TV, air conditioning) with a low number of beds.

Besides the general pediatric and adult otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery outpatient clinic, specialist consultation is provided for Hungarian and international patients in the fields of audiology, phoniatrics, rhinology, otoneurology, and plastic surgery. With the introduction of the most up-to-date, minimally-invasive procedures patient care requiring short-term care has become possible.

The operating theatre block and instrumentation that are of outstanding quality in Hungary contribute to successful recovery. The following should be mentioned as the key regional and national responsibilities of the department: endoscopic, minimally-invasive otorhinolaryngology surgeries, the use of laser, radio frequency, and argon plasma technologies, head and neck cancer surgery, oncological function retaining surgery.

In the last years, besides surgery to treat hearing loss, hearing rehabilitation operations were also introduced including bilateral cochlear implants, bone-anchored hearing aids, and middle ear implants. Patients are treated by highly-qualified physicians.

Last update: 2021. 08. 16. 11:16