Department of Neurosurgery

The Department of Neurosurgery at the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen Teaching Hospital performs the full range of neurosurgery procedures as a regional center. Besides continuous outpatient services, inpatient care is provided on 33 general and 8 intensive care beds. Besides the basic neurosurgical procedures, we perform numerous specialized operations as well:

  • Complex surgical treatment of tumors
  • Pediatric neurosurgical profile
  • Treatment of vascular malformations with both open surgery and endovascular procedures (aneurysms, AV malformations, AV fistulas, cavernoma)
  • Complex spine surgeries
  • Gamma radiosurgery treatment
  • Endoscopic treatment
  • Functional neurosurgery profile (treatment of movement disorders with deep brain stimulation, treatment of pain syndromes with stimulation, treatment of spasticity with selective dorsal rhizotomy and with implantable drug delivery pump, complex epilepsy surgery)

High-level and specialized surgical care is supported by a variety of technical devices as well, including intraoperative neuronavigation, intraoperative CT / X-ray, intraoperative electrophysiology, modern surgery microscopes and endoscopic instruments.

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