Balázs Lippai College for Advanced Studies

The Balázs Lippai Roma College for Advanced Studies is run at the Faculty of Childcare and Adult Education at the University of Debrecen. Its primary objective is to contribute to the education of successful intellectuals who are committed to public issues and who initiate active social dialogue; it also wishes to play an active role in Roma talent management.

The mission of the College for Advanced Studies is to educate young Roma and Hungarian people in higher education individually and as a group focusing on personalized mentoring and the improvement of diverse skills in order to help them combine professional excellence with a sensitivity towards social issues. Moreover, with the special skills and knowledge acquired through participation in the program of the College for Advanced Studies they play an active role in local communities in the areas of social integration and inclusion.  The College for Advanced Studies currently has 41 students.

Last update: 2021. 09. 01. 14:05