Áron Márton College for Advanced Studies

The mission of the college is to help:
  • students coming from neighboring countries to be successful in academic life as well (accommodation, training, information, scholarships);
  • as many students as possible to return to their homeland, primarily by providing professional and financial support;
  • the acquisition of skills, competences, and current knowledge supplementing university studies and essential in today’s labor market through the free program of the College for Advanced Studies available in the building, including career planning in English, studies on the Carpathian Basin and Central Europe.
The College for Advanced Studies provides free or reduced-price season tickets and tickets for cultural and sports events, organizes conferences, meetings, and study trips. By means of its Talent Management and Research College for Advanced Studies program it supports the most talented students with grants and scholarships. All university students from neighboring countries can participate in the work of the College for Advanced Studies.
Last update: 2021. 09. 01. 14:05