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Mental Health and Health Promotion Services

The Center for Mental Health and Equal Opportunities at the Student Relations and Services Center provides complex and diverse services for students and staff at the University of Debrecen.

University of Debrecen, Center for Mental Health and Equal Opportunities
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Dear Students,
During the university years there can be several situations when we feel we can hardly keep our heads above water: we feel there is no progress in our studies, we have problems in our private life or conflicts with our roommates or other people we know. In such situations we do not need a doctor or therapist in all cases but we believe it might be a good idea to consult an external specialist and discuss the situation. Highly-qualified and experienced professionals are available for students at the Center for Mental Health and Equal Opportunities in an accessible building which is a five-minute walk from the main building of the university (Poroszlay Street 97).

Mental Health Consultation Services

There are several situations in life that pose real challenges and we might feel we cannot cope with the difficulties alone.

You can use our services if you

  • experience problems with studying,
  • have your doubts about the career you have picked,
  • feel the usual tools you have used to deal with difficulties do not work anymore,
  • are often tense and nervous,
  • are in a bad temper, feel depressed and you don’t feel like doing anything,
  • are anxious in certain situations,
  • feel it is too much and you cannot cope with the tasks ahead of you,
  • feel it is hard to fit in and cannot find your place,
  • cannot find the right tone with your friends and family,
  • often experience problems with your partner,
  • cannot meet the study requirements,
  • are procrastinating your tasks (e.g. exams, studying, thesis writing, getting a job)
  • lost someone important and you cannot cope with it,
  • feel it is difficult to make decisions in life,
  • need mental, psychological support.

If you have experienced any of those mentioned above or similar feelings, visit us or send an email to .

The service is available free of charge with total discretion for students and staff of the University of Debrecen.

Skills development and sensitivity trainings

  • Self-knowledge training
  • Communication skills training
  • Stress and conflict management training
  • Empowerment training
  • Equal opportunities training

Mentor Program

The main objective of the Esélyháló [Equal Opportunities] Mentor Network is to provide comprehensive support for disadvantaged, Roma, and disabled young people (people with reduced mobility, the visually or hearing impaired, students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or those with psychological and communication difficulties). Our goal is to help these students have a better chance in realizing their full potential during their university studies. The services are available after registration.

Available services

  • office services (photocopying, printing, scanning, spiral binding),
  • rental of tools supporting learning,
  • note-taking services,
  • coordination of student helper services,
  • organization of recreational programs and workshops,
  • providing transportation services,
  • personal assistance,
  • consultation in connection with job searching and employment.

The forms have to be filled in and submitted in person at the center. The forms and further information necessary for registration are available on the following website:

Programs and Services

  • Mental health film club
  • Partnership Open University
  • Olympic Academy
  • Peer education, peer support
  • „Mobile-peer” party support services in Lovarda
  • Organizing and offering courses within the intellectual module
  • Equal Opportunities and Mental Health Days at the University of Debrecen
  • Job Search Club
  • Internship positions for students

Information on the services and programs of the center are provided continuously in Neptun!

Contact Us

  • Phone: +36 52 518 627; University main no. and extension: +36 52 512 900 / 61627; Mobile: +36 30 436 4790
  • Website
  • Facebook


  • Student Relations and Services Center, Center for Mental Health and Equal Opportunities, 4032 Debrecen, Poroszlay út 97., Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday: 8 AM-6 PM, Friday: 8:00 AM-2 PM
  • Mental Health Service Office on the Böszörményi Street Campus, office hours on every workday from 10 to 12, for appointment:

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