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19 Feb
How Do Fungi Cope With Stress?
How does the stress genes composition of a fungal species determine its stress tolerance? A research group at UD has studied the behaviour of pathogens of aspergillosis, a fungal infection. Findings have been published in a leading journal on mycology.
15 Jan
Openly About Scientific Research
The University and National Library of UD will host the international conference Open Access Infrastructure Research in Europe (OpenAIRE) between 15–17 January, which will be attended by nearly 100 professionals from 34 countries.
11 Jan
From Courting To Parenting
The 2nd Élvonal Conference, entitled "New directions in the research of the evolution of sexual roles", started on Friday. Scientists from all over the world participate at the event that is connected to an international research programme focusing on the social behaviour of shore birds.
06 Dec
Fighting Infections with Carbohydrates
A discovery made by researchers of UD may be an important step forward in fighting against bacteria. The researchers have created compounds that may prevent infections caused by pathogens. The findings have been published in "Chemistry – A European Journal".
04 Dec
International Cooperation in Education Development
Among other issues, vice rector László Csernoch discussed details regarding cooperation in the education of automotive engineers with the representative of the University of Hamburg (HAW) at the meeting of the international consortium CARPE in Brussels last week.
03 Dec
International Cooperation for European Research
Invited by the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, representatives of CARPE, the strategic alliance of European universities, arrived for a 2-day workshop at UD.
27 Nov
A researcher from the Faculty of Agriculture on an uninhabited island
As the only Hungarian member of an international team, László Radócz, head of the Institute of Plant Protection, studied the transformation of the natural environment on the coral island of Ducie. The last time a scientific expedition visited the Pacific island was 10 years ago.
09 Nov
Debrecen Research Project Featured on the Cover of Science
An international research team, led by a professor working at the University of Debrecen, examined the impact of climate change on the nesting patterns of shorebirds. The project has produced some surprising results, which opens up new perspectives on the consequences of global warming.
15 Oct
Working as an Engineer – Creativity + Freedom
As guest of honour at the Days of Industry, Ferenc Anisits Hungarian development engineer and honorary lecturer of UD, who developed a diesel engine BMW has used for 30 years, delivered a lecture at the Faculty of Engineering on Friday.
11 Oct
Creating Value in the Fields of Science and Business
Along with ten other Hungarian universities, the University of Debrecen has become part of the Higher Education Institutes' Excellence Programme. UD received 250 million HUF for realizing its goals. The programme finances research projects that give priority to the practical use of results.

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