Department of Internal Medicine, Building A

In the Department of Internal Medicine’s Building "A" care is provided in numerous specialized fields besides general internal medicine. Inpatients are treated on 140 beds of the department and outpatients are cared for in a dozen specialist consultations. We provide care for nine thousand inpatients and more than twenty thousand outpatients annually.

The main areas of specialized care provided in Building “A” of our department besides general internal medicine are the following:

  • metabolic diseases, disorders related to nutrition, obesity, digestion, and gastroenterology,
  • arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other cardiac diseases,
  • thyroid, hypophysis diseases,
  • kidney disease, kidney dialysis,
  • diabetes and a variety of endocrine disorders,
  • pacemaker and cardiology specialist care.

Patient care at the department is supported by echocardiography, ECG, and routine diagnostic laboratories.

Our two specialized units are the Emergency and the Intensive Care Departments for the healing and care of outpatients and inpatients with severe diseases.

The clinical pharmacology divisions of our department play a central role in the testing and scientific investigation of experimental drugs and drugs developed for therapeutic purposes.

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